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An Introduction To Sexual Ethics: What's Right? What's Wrong? And Why?


Is Polygamy A Sin?
One of the greatest challenges facing Christianity today is the question of polygamy. Is polygamy a sin? If so, why? If not, why not?The polygamy issue is both complex and controversial. Since there are plenty of good arguments on each side, Christianity has reached a stalemate regarding whether or not polygamy is a sin. Even giants of the faith have been divided on this issue. Luther and Calvin, for example, took opposite views. Sincere Christians today are still divided. To find out more, CLICK HERE.


How Does The Polygamy Issue Affect Missions?
What Do Surveys Say About Polygamy?
What Did Augustine Say About Polygamy?
What Did Thomas Aquinas Say About Polygamy?
What Did Luther Say About Polygamy?
What Did John Calvin Say About Polygamy?
What Did Billy Graham Say About Polygamy?
What Did John MacArthur Say About Polygamy?
What Did R.C. Sproul Say About Polygamy?
What Did John G. Reisinger Say About Polygamy?
The "Polygamy Has Always Been Sinful" Argument
The "Polygamy Is Not Sinful" Argument
Was Polygamy A Sin In The Old Testament?
Was Polygamy A Sin In The New Testament?
Was Moses A Polygamist?
Did God Disapprove of David's Polygamy?
Why Did God Allow Polygamy?
Is Polygamy Unwise?
Is Polygamy The Preferred Form Of Marriage?
Is Polyandry A Sin?
Is Polygamy A Mormon/ Islamic Heresy?
Would God Portray Himself As A Polygamist If Polygamy Is A Sin?
Was Levirate Marriage Only For Single Men?


What Was The Sin Of Adam And Eve? Why Is It Relevant To Us Today?
Although everyone is familiar with the story of Adam and Eve, this narrative has been interpreted and re-interpreted countless times and numerous ways throughout Judea-Christian history. Precisely what mankind's first sin was and how it subsequently effected the human condition continues to be a source of debate.


Biblical Account Of Adam And Eve
Is Clothing A Result Of The Fall?
Did The Serpent "Really" Lie?
In What Sense Did Adam And Eve Die?
Difficult Questions Posed By The Eden Saga
I. What Was The Forbidden Fruit?
Four Ways Adam And Eve May Have Misused Sex
Why Did The Sexual Interpretation Go Out Of Vogue?
What Did The Eden Narrative Mean To Ancient Israel?
Top Ten Reasons Why The Sin Of Adam And Eve Was A Sexual Transgression
1. Symbolic Significance of Trees
Eve And Asherah: What's The Connection?
All About Asherah Tree Worship:What's Sex Got To Do With It?
2. Figs as Aphrodisiacs And Phallic Symbols
3. The Garden Was A Metaphor For Both The Female Body And The Female Sex Organ
4. An Enclosed Garden Was An Idyllic Environment For Lovemaking
5. The Serpent Was a Phallic Symbol
6. The Apple Has Long Been A Sexual Symbol
7. The Serpent Was A Universal Fertility Symbol
8. Eve And Asherah Shared The Title: "The Mother Of All Living"
9. To "Know" Can Mean "To Have Sex"
10. Adam And Eve Were Ashamed Of Their Nakedness After They Sinned
The Modern Telephone Game Illustrates The Possible Validity Of Ancient Interpretation
How Could Eve Have Sex With A Serpent?
II. Was The Forbidden Fruit Literal, Symbolic, Or Both?
Can Eating A Piece Of Literal Fruit Contaminate The Human Race?
III. Were The Other Elements In The Story Literal, Symbolic, Or Both?
(b) Was The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil Literal, Symbolic, Or Both?
How Did Adam Partake Of The Forbidden Fruit?
Are There Female Demons?
(c) Was The Tree Of Life Literal, Symbolic, Or Both?
IV. How Did The Sin Of Adam And Eve Effect Humanity?
Was The Forbidden Fruit Only A Test?
V. In What Way Did Adam And Eve Become Like God?
What Did It Mean To Freely Eat Any Fruit In The Garden?
The Sin of Adam and Eve According to Martin Luther
The Sin of Adam and Eve According to St. Jerome
The Sin of Adam and Eve According To Aquinas
Eve According to Tertullian
The Sin of Adam and Eve According to Augustine
The Sin of Adam and Eve According to St. Gregory
The Sin of Adam and Eve According to Theophilus of Antioch and St. Irenaeus
The Sin of Adam And Eve - John of Damascus
The Sin of Adam And Eve According To Justin Martyr


Does The Bible Condone Nudism?
Does God think it's okay for Christians to prance around naked in a public setting? Are nudist resorts nothing more than havens for perverted social misfits? Most Christians would probably answer "no" to the former and "yes" to the latter. Nevertheless, many followers of the Christian faith are, and probably always have been, a part of a widespread clothing-optional movement. (CLICK HERE to continue.)


Benefits Of Nudism
Nude Exercise In Ancient Greece
Nudity At The YMCA
How Queen Victoria Influenced Nudism
How Platonic Asceticism Impacted Social Nudism
Public Bathing In The Time Of Jesus
When Nudism Is Not Okay
Scriptures Used To Support Nudism
Do Christians Clothed In Christ Need Clothes?
Is Nudism Healthy For Children?
How Do Nudist Resorts Deal With Erections?
Why Was God Unhappy With The Fig Leaves?
Was Jesus Nude After His Resurrection?
Was Jesus Crucified Nude?
Was Jesus Baptized In The Nude?
Nude Baptism In Early Christianity


Why The Church Fathers Were So Negative About Sex
The Sex Life Of Jesus: Was Jesus Married?
About Tom Gruber
Is There Sex In Heaven?
Why Our Resurrected Bodies Will Be Physical
What Is Lust And Why Is It Wrong?
Swinging Verses Christianity: Can The Swinging Lifestyle Be Reconciled With Christian Values?
What Is Fornication? Why Is It Wrong?
What Does Jesus Think About Prostitution?